As we flip over to the calendar year, New Year’s resolutions are running wild. Whether it’s going to the gym more, eating healthier or just to be a better person in general, we all make them.

WWE should do the same.

For the better part of two or three years, I’ve been waiting and waiting for certain things to happen that would make it as a whole, a frankly better show. As a fan, I can only hope that these changes happen sooner rather than later.

Turn Sasha Banks Heel

Sasha was better as a heel. Her babyface promos are almost unbearable as she tries to win the fans over. These same fans who are already sick of her on-screen friendship with Bayley. Fans understand that they are off-screen friends — WWE doesn’t have to stick it down our throats.

Going into 2018, Sasha and Bayley have nothing on screen to do. So why doesn’t WWE give them something to do that we all would be invested in? A Sasha Banks heel turn on Bayley would suffice.

We all remember their bouts before in NXT, and you would be lying if you said you wouldn’t want to watch those again. Make Sasha Banks a badass again, WWE. It’s what she deserves.

Turn Dean Ambrose Heel

Speaking of badasses, let’s discuss the dumpster fire that’s been the Dean Ambrose babyface experiment.

Frankly, I don’t see Ambrose as a credible good guy. He has the look of a badass bad guy. After all, WWE bills Ambrose as a “lunatic”. Where’s the lunacy?

He dives through the ropes? So does 70% of the roster. He’s a “hot head”? Yea, Roddy Piper did it better.

Nothing about Ambrose gets me excited. So why not make him more exciting when he gets back from injury? I’m not saying totally repackage his character, but just tweak it enough that fans notice a change in him. A more ruthless Ambrose with no regard and liking for anyone else around him would do him wonders.

Make Rusev Great Again

This isn’t a nod to the Trump saying, but seriously, MAKE RUSEV GREAT AGAIN.

I’m not saying a monster as in the sense of what Braun Strowman is, but he should be more dominant than he has been. Granted towards the end of 2017, Rusev and Aiden English had a great run as a tag team, and I’m hoping they win the Tag Team Titles at some point.

But Rusev on his own (as a face) would be huge for him and it would be the most over he has ever been. English has helped him get off the ground with “Rusev Day”, but Rusev can take that to another level and be an absolute star, whether it’s on Smackdown Live or on Monday Night Raw.

Add Miz To The Main Event Scene

The MVP of WWE for 2017 was undoubtedly The Miz. Sure, you can make the easy case for AJ Styles, but not one superstar made an impact like The Miz did this year, and he should be a main focal point going into 2018. You can easily put the Intercontinental Championship on him when he returns, but I see bigger things for the “Most Must See Superstar in WWE History.”

In 2018, I want The Miz to go back to Smackdown Live (where he belongs), challenge for the WWE Championship and win it.

You read that right. The Miz should win the WWE Championship in 2018.

Miz single handily made the Intercontinental Championship relevant again, and a feud with AJ Styles would be absolute must see TV. Plus, there is no one else on that Smackdown roster that would make for an interesting WWE champion right now (aside from maybe Bobby Roode or Kevin Owens).

Let’s make 2018 AWWWEESOMMME!