House of Bricks Pro Wrestling holds its first show of 2018 with Open Fight Night, a championship showcase featuring all of the New England area’s top indie stars. In consecutive rematches, Southern New England Champion “Jammin” Jack Conner defends against El Poncho Ayala, and in the main event, “The Outlaw Moonshiner” JB Tickle challenges Captain Australia for the HOB Heavyweight Championship.

Also on the card, HOB Tag Team Champions Middlesex Express look to extend their year-long reign by facing The Epidemic, a pair of newcomers to House of Bricks. HOB Women’s Champion Isana, who recently won the gold at Veteran Slam Rumble, will take on the unknown Stellina.

All of these athletes are competing to honor the memory of Nicole Edwards, a Bedford, Massachusetts resident and member of the House of Bricks family who passed away in November. As with 95% of the promotion’s shows, Open Fight Night will be a fundraiser, giving the proceeds to Edwards’ family.

“We don’t do this to put money in our pockets,” said Jordan Rapoza, executive producer of HOB’s Turnbuckle TV. “We do it to give back to the fans of our area. The people of Bedford, Mass are such passionate and supportive fans.”

As soon as “Rowdy” Roddy Piper put Adrian Adonis to sleep at WrestleMania III, Rapoza was hooked by pro wrestling. He says training didn’t pan out as well as he had hoped, but he had so much passion and knowledge, that he couldn’t waste it. Now he contributes behind the scenes at HOB, which is run by New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer Brickhouse Baker. “We started with a fundraiser show for a local little league team,” Rapoza said. “and we’ve grown to several events per year, as well as a Youtube show.”

Launched in 2015, Turnbuckle TV spotlights the up-and-coming competitors, allows them to express themselves on the mic and keeps fans up to date on the latest storylines and feuds. “It’s another way to show what we produce,” Rapoza said. “We’re not going to get thousands of views, but if we get a hundred views, we know whoever watched it enjoyed themselves. It also gives all the wrestlers a chance to have fun.”

The good times continue this Saturday as Monsta Mack of the famed Monster Factory takes on “Unpredictable” Donald Rotten in a chaotic fracas. Another NEPW Hall of Famer, “Sweet” Scott Ashworth, looks to give King Leon the 6th a free, yet tiring, learning experience.

In a battle for the future number-one contender, former HOB Heavyweight Champion “The Brick” David Baker faces Shay Cash, fresh out of the Heavy Hitters and looking to spark a single’s run. Two young lions wage war as AJ Phoenix takes on Justin Sylvia in the rubber match of their series.

Open Fight Night takes place at VFW Post 2892 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts on Feb. 10.

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