In this edition of The Wrestling Estate roundtable, the gang gives their picks for Super Bowl LII.

Where are you watching the Super Bowl?

David Gibb: From the comfort of my couch.

John Corrigan: Nobody in my family wants to offer their house for a party, so I guess I’ll be slumming at Crafty’s Tavern.

Calvin Gibbon: You know for years my mom would host a big Super Bowl party at my family’s home. This year she’s basically bored by the idea of another Patriots show. Thanks Brady and Belichick, you ruined Super Bowl parties! So this year, I’ll be with friends at a bar, hopefully watching up-and-coming quarterback Nick Foles lead his team to victory.

Anthony Mahalis: I almost always watch the Super Bowl at my house with a few family members, no change this year. I prefer the more personal viewing experience as opposed to the larger crowd setting.

Troy Taroff: Probably at a friend’s house. No way am I going to a bar for this game. I’d rather be in misery/excitement in the comfort of a house.

Evan Cross: My house because I don’t think I could handle being in unfamiliar surroundings for something as stressful as this.

Jack Goodwillie: My house, with a very limited guest list. Living in LA makes it semi-easier to weed out the Eagles fans, who actually have more in common with weeds than one would think. They’re both green, for one.


What’s your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Gibb: I won a Budweiser frogs poster by throwing darts at balloons at a carnival once, so I’m going with that one.

Corrigan: Jordan vs. Bird in the most epic basketball game of all time.

Gibbon: I do enjoy the Game of Thrones and Marvel sneak peaks we get on Super Bowl Sunday. This year we’ll be getting more Infinity War Part-One footage so that’s exciting. I would have to say my favorite commercial of all time is “Puppy Love” promoting Budweiser. It’s adorable.

Mahalis: My favorite commercial is a Bridgestone Tires commercial oddly enough. The one where the guy tells his co-worker he accidentally hit reply all on the email. That guy screaming and wiping out computers and phones is hilarious.

Taroff: Any of the Doritos ones. To be honest, I think most of them are pretty funny, as long as a funny celebrity is in them.

Cross: My first instinct was the Peyton Manning “Cut That Meat” commercial, but I’m not even sure if that was originally a Super Bowl commercial or not. The Betty White and Abe Vigoda Snickers commercial is pretty good.

Goodwillie: The next one.


What’s your favorite Super Bowl snack?

Gibb: Wings! Preferably multiple varieties.

Corrigan: Buffalo chicken dip.

Gibbon: Give me nachos or honey barbecue wings and I’m a happy guy. Although I’m keeping crow on ice this year for all the Patriot fans for after the Eagles’ win. The Pats beat my Titans so I’m hoping for their demise.

Mahalis: Wings. There is no close second.

Taroff: Wings. Wings. Wings.

Cross: Buffalo chicken dip is always a solid option. Wings are great if they’re good, but there are plenty of bad wings out there. I’ll probably bite my lip more than any food during this particular Super Bowl.

Goodwillie: I am lucky to have several people in my life who can make a bang-up buffalo chicken dip. I may try my hand at it this year, but for some reason there never seems to be enough to go around…


Who would you rather see perform the half time show?

Gibb: I’m jacked as hell about JT. I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Corrigan: Honkytonk Man…he’s cool, he’s cocky, he’s bad!

Gibbon: The halftime shows have become spectacles almost as big as the game itself. It started with Michael Jackson in 1993 and has continued to evolve since then. I think Justin Timberlake will do fine. Lady Gaga set the bar really high last year and I don’t see anyone having a better performance than she did any time soon. So if I have to choose a replacement it would be her.

Mahalis: I’m a Justin Timberlake guy, so I am cool with him as the halftime act. Certainly wouldn’t mind Taylor Swift in the future. Tay > Katy any day of the week.

Taroff: I’ve been saying for years that Justin Bieber would tear the house down.

Cross: I don’t have a problem with Timberlake. He’s famous enough that you don’t need to explain to your parents who he is and he’s talented enough to put on a good show even if you don’t like his music. But my ideal scenario would be for Brady, Belichick, Gronkowski and McCourty to decide now is the time to retire from football and start their own boy band.

Goodwillie: Comparative to other years, Justin Timberlake is actually not a bad choice. Prior to Chester Bennington’s death, I think Linkin Park would have made a great choice and I think Post Malone’s got a halftime show in him sometime in the next five or six years. As far as who I’d rather have perform it, probably Green Day, as no pop star can the show the justice that an old fashioned rock n’ roll band can (see Springsteen, Bruce).


Give the final score.

Gibb: Pats win 27 – 24. Eagles lead 21-17 at the start of the 4th.

Corrigan: In overtime, Eagles 41-38.

Gibbon: Eagles 28 Patriots 17

Mahalis: Keeping the final score in the vault. Superstition gets the better of me here.

Taroff: 27-24 Eagles. #FlyEaglesFly

Cross: I believe guessing the final score is a jinx, so the only prediction I’ll make is that Goodwillie will pick the Patriots.

Goodwillie: I’ll preface by saying this is the most heel’d up Super Bowl I have ever seen (even though these teams went at it in 2005). I am not a Brady/Belichick guy, but I have a lifelong hatred for the Eagles, and mainly their fans. They’re animals. I know it, you know it, and while they might not like to admit it, they know it. I also think the fans that do have the capital to make the trek to Minneapolis will get arrested so fast their heads will spin. So with all that said, it wouldn’t be like me to give any other prediction than a 33-9 beat down in favor of the Patriots. Plus, I couldn’t imagine living in a world where the Eagles have a ring.

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