Pro Wrestling Phoenix has brought in a new tag team to change the landscape of the business: Ted and Wally, of premium homemade ice cream fame.

The Omaha institution sponsors PWP WrestleRama this Thursday at The Waiting Room Lounge.

“Ted and Wally’s kind of fell into our lap,” says PWP wrestler Zac James. From securing sponsorships to handling the company’s social media, James takes on additional administrative tasks, comparing himself to Tommy Dreamer in ECW.

When WWE came to town last year, Ted and Wally’s announced on social media that they made an ice cream flavor in honor of The New Day…Booty Os! PWP took notice and suggested that supporting local businesses instead of monopolies could help both parties.

In a message to the ice cream makers, James said: “We had no idea you were fans of wrestling. Well, we’re big fans of ice cream. Maybe we should talk.” The rest is history in the making.

“We’ll do anything we can do to learn, progress and get our name out there further,” James says. “Whether it be community college classes or articles we read, we’re constantly trying to evolve and better understand everything.”

Heading into its 13th year, PWP continues to spread awareness regarding its action-packed, highly entertaining product. In 2017, the company held matches as part of Omaha’s version of Comic-Con, with pop culture figures taking part in the action. As Billy the Blue Power Ranger watched on, Paul the Illustrated Seal from American Horror Story: Freak Show sent Pat Powers to the mat with an arm ringer.

“We don’t want to be living in the 1970s VFWs anymore,” James says. “We think outside the box.”

That’s why PWP is shaking things up in 2018, starting with a battle royal at WrestleRama. After everyone has been tossed over the top rope, the final two competitors will face off in the main event to determine the number-one contender to PWP Champion Michael Elgin.

“Finding competitors for a man of that stature is difficult, so let’s see what we can come up with,” James says. “We’re coming into a new year so we’re trying to create a new dynamic in the company. Anybody has a chance to rise to the top and showcase what they can do.”

Participants include a variety of performers, such as former and current champions like Branden Juarez and Powers, Midwest veterans like Devin Carter and Zac himself, as well as rookies like “The Karaoke King” Purple, Robert Storm and Dalton Lee Roth. The battle royal will open the show and set the direction for the rest of the night.

One man to keep an eye on is Con Artiest, a huge fan favorite. “This guy was a diamond in the rough – not many people gave him a chance to shine in the local scene,” James says. “We did and he has blown it out of the water. He’s definitely become one of our top stars rather quickly. He’s proven himself to be a very, very good entertainer.”

PWP Live comes to The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska on Feb. 1.

For tickets and more information, visit or

Tickets are also available at Ted and Wally’s Premium Homemade Ice Cream (both Old Market & Benson locations).

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