The selfie game was on point this past Saturday at Synergy Pro Wrestling’s “2nd Time Around” as Steve Scott met his spitting image from New England, Vern Vicallo.

Both men entered the Manville-Hillsborough Elks Lodge to “#SELFIE” by The Chainsmokers, each clutching their prized phones. Scott wasn’t pleased about sharing an entrance theme, though, so he led the crowd in singing YMCA. While checking both men before the bout, Referee Trooper Audubon found two phones and a disposable camera on Scott, and then a couple chargers on Vicallo, including a plug stuck up his derriere. Fans encouraged him to take a whiff, which Audubon obliged to before flopping Flair style and passing out.

The shenanigans didn’t end there as Vicallo challenged Scott to a selfie-off, only to attack him from behind. The momentum shifted back and forth until Vicallo distracted the ref and pulled yet another phone out of his trunks to knock out Scott for the win. Unfortunately, the phone dropped out of his hand while celebrating, so Audubon restarted the match. While protesting the decision, Vicallo walked into a superkick, giving Scott the final pin.

As a result, Vicallo will be donning the sad face emoji, having lost his data plan for the next 30 days.

In another first-time matchup, Matt Tremont met the “Garden State God” Myke Quest in the first round of the Synergy Championship Tournament. Although creative director Colin West predicted it wouldn’t be the “blood and guts” fans have come to expect from Tremont, weapons seem to always find their way into the ring when the death match legend is around. This time, however, it was Quest who brought a steel chair and kendo stick into the mix. After some brain-rattling blows that would make Chris Nowinski quiver, Tremont dropped Quest with a Death Valley Driver for the victory.

The other first-round matchup kicked off the show as KTB (Kyle The Beast) battled Mike Del. Retreating to the outside after being overpowered by KTB, Del suckered the beast in and yanked his arm across the turnbuckle post. The Medal of Valor Champion continued to target the arm as fans rallied behind KTB, urging him to reach the ropes while trapped in a crossface. Eventually, KTB regained his strength, hitting a spear and jackhammer to advance in the championship tournament.

As part of Synergy’s commitment to unparalleled fan interaction, those in attendance voted on the opponents for Jeff Cannonball and Matt Macintosh – who will be facing each other in another first-round bout next month. Mike Orlando was chosen to meet Macintosh, and won by disqualification after “The Bad Apple” threw a chair. Meanwhile, “Big Scare” Dan O’Hare was chosen to fight Cannonball in a “No DQ” match. As Cannonball struggled to get back in the ring after being backdropped on the apron, Macintosh ran out to superkick him, leaving easy pickings for O’Hare.

In other action, Archadia retained the Jersey All Pro Wrestling Light Heavyweight Championship against Drake Chambers. In a triangle tag team match, Stevie Shields & Kit Osbourne defeated Tulpa & Tyler Nitro and Aaron Bradley & Nicholas Kay. In a grudge match, Brandon Kirk pinned Cam Zagami after repeated distractions from Emil Jay. Afterward, Kirk assaulted Zagami until West announced a rematch for Synergy’s 3rd Degree event on January 27 with the stipulation of Tap Outs Only.

Also announced for 3rd Degree in Manville will be the Synergy debut of “All Good” Anthony Greene.

Overall, “2nd Time Around” lived up to its boast of a quality P.G. show with top-notch talent. From voting on matches to playing to the crowd to handing out post-show surveys to offering discounts, prizes and a free DVD with the purchase of a front row seat, Synergy offers a fully interactive experience for the wrestling fan.