High rollers, big families, wrestling diehards and even Santa Claus showed up to the Showboat Hotel on Saturday for ECWA’s debut in Atlantic City. It wasn’t jolly ol’ St. Nick under the beard, though. It was a masked man who sucker punched Joe Gacy with a chain, allowing Azrieal to hit a frog splash and retain the ECWA Heavyweight Championship.

Two weeks after losing the CZW World Heavyweight Title, Gacy was hungry for redemption, immediately striking Azrieal as the bell rang. The Pro Wrestling Maniac was a man possessed, ramming his head into the champion’s skull and diving onto the ballroom floor. Azrieal, who promoter Mike Tartaglia called “the most underrated guy in independent wrestling,” lured Gacy into a sneak attack before targeting the challenger’s left leg. Both men emptied their arsenals, including a breathtaking Northern Lights suplex into the turnbuckle that folded up Azrieal, until the referee was accidentally knocked out. That’s when evil Santa emerged.

“I’m not stupid,” Gacy told commentator Brady Hicks after the match. “Sean Carr, I saw you and I saw all your posts about Atlantic City. Whether it’s you or one of your cronies, I really don’t care. Whoever stepped foot in that ring was representing only one person.”

Whether it was Carr under the mask has yet to be determined, but a chain match between him and Gacy has been set for Dec. 2 in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey.

In other championship action, Karen Q successfully defended the Women’s Title against rival Deonna Purrazzo, and Mid Atlantic Champion Breaker Morant fought Chris Wylde to a double-countout.

The glittery mammoth Jay D. Luscious gained revenge on the ECWA Tag Team Champions, enlisting WWE Hall of Famers Tito Santana and Tony Atlas for a six-man tag against Brian Johnson, Justin Pusser and Adam Chandler the Great. At 64 years old and 63 years old respectively, Santana and Atlas proved unsusceptible to Father Time, effortlessly throwing hip tosses and dropped toe-holds like it was 1983. Luscious scored the pin after walking the rope further than Undertaker ever has, finally crashing on top of Chandler. Luscious’ partner Mr. Ooh La La, who was attacked by One Mean Team months ago, returned after the match to chase Miss Jasmine.

Vinny Talotta outlasted nine other competitors in an over-the-top-rope battle royal. In a technical wrestling clinic, Josh Adams made Killian McMurphy tap out to the flat crab, and in a battle between former partners, Howie Timberche beat Damian Adams by disqualification after “Colossal” Mike Law interfered. Timberche challenged the devious duo to a tag match next week, saying he has an ace up his sleeve.

Law was victorious in the opening match, defeating “Hasidic Outlaw” Mathias Glass with a lionsault. Before the bout, Law attempted to lift a gigantic barbell, but feigned a back spasm. In response, Glass summoned the strength of Samson and hoisted the barbell high above his head, infuriating his bitter opponent and leaving him open to an ambush.

About 225 fans gathered for Thanksgiving Fall Brawl High $take$, and if the raucous reaction was any indication, ECWA may be coming back to AC in the not-so-distant future.