Over a dozen Wisconsin-based promotions are gathering on Black Friday for Legacy Pro Wrestling’s biggest show of the year.

Showcase of Champions II features competitors from all over the country battling for national recognition and future opportunities, especially title shots. For the first time in company history, there will be a 20-man Royal Rumble-style battle royal opening the show with the winner entering the fatal four way main event. The other three participants are all champions of their respective promotions: Stevie Fierce representing Freelance Wrestling, Jordy Lee representing Wisconsin Professional Wrestling and Legacy Pro’s Marcello Spade.

One title will be on the line, but it won’t be announced which one until all participants are in the ring.

“Everybody will be out there busting their ass so you’re guaranteed a quality show,” Spade says. “Everything will be main-event caliber, but there’s only one main event happening so we have to step our game up that much more.”

Chicago born and bred, Spade has been wrestling since 2010, teaming with Shane Fury before embarking on a single’s career. Heavily influenced by Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho, he mixes technical wrestling with aerial tactics, referring to himself as the “Handsome Juggernaut”, a play on Jericho’s sexy beast moniker.

“Being the champion is cool and exciting and at the same time, kind of scary,” Spade says. “I’m not from Milwaukee so he (Xavier) could have picked a lot of underrated talent from the area. Instead, he picked a guy from Chicago, who, let’s be honest, in the grand scheme of things on the indie scene, doesn’t have a big name, if he has a name at all. He strapped his company, which is still building a fan base, to my back and he’s riding it out to see where we can take this.”

Xavier Mustafa has been running Legacy Pro Wrestling along with his business partner for three years. A veteran of the squared circle, he’s winding down his in-ring career to focus more on developing young talent. “I never wanted to be in the business too long taking the next guy’s spot,” Mustafa says.

The company runs about eight shows a year, spread out enough to keep fans salivating for more action. Despite consistent promotion through Facebook, magazine ads and old-school flyers, Legacy Pro has to constantly rebuild its fan base due to frequent changes in venues. “We have a decent core fan base, though, so we’re very thankful for that,” Mustafa says.

His business partner wanted to run a Night of Champions show, and Mustafa took it to another level by reaching out to promoters throughout the state to assemble a massive event. This year’s participants include SSW Entertainment, River City Championship Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, Brew City Wrestling and many others.

“It’s my favorite show that we do, and it’s also the hardest work,” Mustafa chuckles. “You have to be respectful of all the companies. You have to make sure their talent is shown in a good light. We actually had to turn some people away because we have too many on the card.”

There will be plenty of fresh talent for the Legacy Pro faithful to experience for the first time, and Spade is looking forward to meeting new peers, too. “It’s a nice mix of guys making a name for themselves and guys trying to make a name for themselves,” he says. “Usually in situations like that, everybody goes out there – and I hate to use this term – to make their WrestleMania moment. They want to be known. Anything is bound to happen.”

Showcase of Champions II takes place Nov. 24 at American Serb Hall in Milwaukee, WI.
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