Once again, Ric Flair lived up to the hype.

ESPN aired its 30 for 30: ‘Nature Boy’ last night and the world is still reeling over the emotional roller coaster that director Rory Karpf took us on. It was an amazingly vivid, honest account of the real-life sacrifices that Ric Flair made to become the greatest pro wrestler ever. Interviews with his family, peers and closest friends — including a rare, out-of-character sit down with Undertaker and the first on-camera interview with Flair’s first wife Leslie Goodman — were spliced among archived footage and two intimate conversations with Naitch himself. A few hilarious stories were illustrated through animation, keeping you on the edge between laughing and crying for 90 minutes.

Conrad Thompson, the co-host of MLW Radio’s “Something To Wrestle With” and “What Happened When” podcasts, reviewed the film with me Wednesday morning. As one of Flair’s closest friends, Conrad offers unparalleled insight into the portrayal of his buddy, and discusses what the film means to wrestling fans.

You can listen to our conversation below.